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Smarter Municipalities and Businesses

At GTS Solutions, we help public and private organizations design, implement, and support the technological systems needed to push them firmly into the information age. Our array of services are aimed at improving collaboration, coordination, and efficiency for municipalities and businesses that are committed to the integration of solid process and technology.

Our IT professionals provide the knowledge and expertise to get your projects off the ground, regardless of the size or scope. We’re committed to helping you build a smarter and better connected organization.

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Enterprise-level Services

Managed IT Services

Technology is crucial to most meaningful endeavors and GTSS has the experience and knowledge

Cybersecurity and Compliance

There have never been so many threats to your business’ technology.

Government IT Services

The technology experts at GTSS understand that the municipality of the future is going to have to be smarter

Wireless Internet Services

For today’s business, robust connectivity is crucial. At GTSS, we tailor and deploy powerful and secure

Ports and Logistics

For shipping and distribution companies, having lock-down logistics is essential

Dynamic Collaboration

At GTSS, our team of expert IT consultants understand that any organization looking to meet its goals

Data Center Infrastructure

At GTS Solutions, we have learned one thing from all of our projects: No two businesses are the same.

Industrial Internet of Things

At GTSS, we understand the need for businesses to operate efficiently.

Transportation and Traffic

GTS Solutions offers comprehensive traffic and transportation system design, installation, and support

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GTSS strives to provide the best comprehensive IT, Computer, and Networking services to small businesses. We can handle all of your organization's technology challenges.

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North Charleston, SC Feb 2021: The first port in North America to implement Cisco's FluidMesh Fluidity mobile solution for port operations at the South Carolina Ports Authority new Hugh Leatherman Terminal. The GTS Solutions, Inc. team was able ...